It is interesting what we do, because we think we are making amends with other people.  Like we are doing this them great favor of forgiving them.  Offering forgiveness is critical for us to have healthy relationships and with God.  The idea is if you have something against your brother, leave the alter and then come back.

T D Jakes said that when we do not forgive, it is like we are drinking poison waiting for the other person to die.  Isn’t that the truth.  We are the ones that are absorbing the damage and we need to find a healthy vent and let it go.  This is forgiveness.  The vent maybe crying out to the Lord from a broken place so that he can help change your heart as well as the heart of the one that had offended you.  But once God has done his part, we need to do our part and actually forgive.  That is what makes us the salt and light. that is how we stand apart from the world.  For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

We have access to the eternal for wisdom, humility and strength.  We need only go to our father with openness and it is His delight to provide for you more than you could have hope and liver in abundance even amid the trials.  God’s grace is beyond our comprehension.

For me, it seems like we treat God like it is the Nuclear option.  We will only tap into our Lord when traditional warfare as not recorded any advances.  We have to be at the tip of the deceivers arrows before we call on the Creator of all things.  The funny thing is that the imagery of that nuclear bomb being loaded into a long range bomber and getting right above the target.  Your adversary looks up as the Bomber approaches him.  Your adversary drops to their knees and prays and the bomb drops.  But it detonates at 5,000 feet and nothing but the most vibrant and beautiful flowers cascaded down upon them.  Grace is our answer and Grace is our weapon if we want to be able to forgive and live again in abundance.

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