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Welcome to my new website.  Please check back often as we talk about taking out the trash.  You know the thing that we train our boys to do when they are early o life, but years into adulthood, we realized that the never really mastered the science of it. We will unpack how the young male adult still is challenged t understand what he means to take out the trash in a physical sense and also in an emotional sense.  Guys tend not to pay attention to those obvious signals staring us right in the face.  I remember when I was first married, my wife would put a bag of trash at the top of the steps of the basement.  We typically had to take the trash down through the basement and outside where we kept the trash can.  My wife thought I was deliberately avoid my chore.  I argued that I never saw the trash.  She screamed back, that you stepped right over it to get to the basement.  my response was, I thought something was there. I could not figure out why my wife would place obstacles in my way.  Well we are guys and Debbie is going to help clear our minds so we can start to see those obstacles in our life and help us to move on to grand things.



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