If you are ready to clean house, then sandiegodebrishauling.com is the right place to turn.  We help you clean up the clutter and all of the things weighing you down.  This sight is about cleaning up the past, finding the place where those memories belong and then moving on.  History is great, but we live in the present and we plan for the future.  This is a site that wants to make sure you do not get lost in the details.  You have heard the devil is in the details and that could not be more right.  If you have a hard time looking in the mirror, then you may need to go back in the memory banks.  But go back for the reason of gaining closure.  The idea is to take and own it or refute it as lies or at least partial lies.  You can own it, without being owned by it. That is a footnote in your past amongst many other footnotes that got you to be the person you are right now. If you are on this site than you are about moving on.  To a bigger and better place.  So lets pack up that emotional crap and throw it away.  We have a nice little alter that we take and dump this stuff.   The place we are taking it does not have blow back.  It is a place that takes it on completely and becomes the new owner of it.  You need just let it go. Let Him do the rest.