Plan time with Wifey

Have you ever think to yourself, boy things are going great with my wife.  We are spending a lot of time together and having fun together.  Then you want to share that fact and then you realize that you are missing the boat.  That can be a major blow when you think things are going so right.  So after my wife sees my jaw hit the ground, she patiently goes through the process of educating me.  She wants to be part of my purpose.  Where I do not just end up places with her, but rather intentionally take her places.

One aspect of that is to take her to someplace new.  Just not the same old same old.  So we can create new memories together that are distinct from the memories that we have already created.

The other aspect is the purposeful conversation of what do WE want to do this year? What about in five years?  How we want to live purposefully together to make them a reality.  When you start dreaming the list starts to get quite big.  Then you sit down and prioritize both based on importance and also you’re your ability to make that happen financially.

It is an eye opener when you start thinking about living purposefully for ministry and things outside of your home.  Mind blown is when you realize that you have not done that with your soul mate first.

So now I need to slow down and think, do I even have a short-term plan in my own mind with my wife much less understand if this is a shared desire.  So my encouragement to all husbands is to see really how you are doing with your wife.  Be prepared for an answers that you may not see coming.  Woman are about plans and being romanced.  With my wife the words mean very little.  It is always about my actions and what I do.  Right now, it is about courting her and desiring new experiences with her.

Apparently wives do not like drifting through life and just watching the dates on the calendar get X’d off.  Living with purpose is a good thing.  Living with a purpose that is totally aligned with your spouse is magical.

Plan the date fellows and have a conversation about your collective dreams.  Then put in a plan to make it happen.  Make a plan. Make a sate, make a life with your wife.  Empty nesters will see the urgency of this process, but trust me, every couple will eventually reach this place if you do not plan it out together.

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