Time to Detox

I have decided to commit to the Daniel Plan with my wife and daughter.  The Daniel Plan is a Biblical approach to living in abundance.  That is done in several different ways. Fist we recognize that our bodies are temples for the in dwelling Holy Spirit.  Our bodies are not our own and they are paid for at a price.  That was the price of Jesus’s death on the cross to pay for our sins.  As Jesus arose from the grave we to come out of death into life.

The Bible tells us that many things are permissible, it does not mean they are beneficial to us.  That cues me into why I am taking this plunge.  I have certain health issues that seem to be either food or medicine enduced brain fog.  It is scary how seldom I have real clarity of thought.  That is when I realized that I cannot live in abundance or have the rich experiences or relationships without getting my health under control.  The correlation between physical health and spiritual health are real.

When we think of food as medicine, then we can understand how to begin to eat with purpose.  Right now our tastes and cravings have been hijacked by companies that manufacture your food in a plant.  The first step in eating right is to eat things that were not manufactured.  Go from field to fork when ever possible.  Eat one quarter of the plate with proteins, half the plate with vegetables and a quarter of the plate with carbs, but no bread.

The Daniel Plan shows where you can reset your taste and cravings in forty eight hours.  I know the last time I did a detox, everything tasted bad compared to foods that are not good for you. However, within a couple of days of eating correctly, you start to appreciate with grand pleasure what pink salt or a fresh garlic can to for delighting the palette.

I am in week one, but I like the process of having everything I do glorify God.

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